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Move LA's mission is to build a broad constituency that will advocate for the development of a comprehensive, diverse, robust, clean and financially sound public transportation system for Los Angeles County. Move LA also champions strategies to accelerate system implementation and policies to ensure that there are prosperous and healthy neighborhoods around stations where people of all ages and incomes can live, work and thrive.

Urbanful: Millennials Demand Public Transportation, But Lose Out By Skipping the Voting Booth


On November 2, the online magazine Urbanful put out an article on how millennials’ transportation habits are changing the way cities plan for the future. On November 5, it became clear that millennial’s voting habits have an equally profound effect on public policy, in the opposite direction.

High profile ballot initiatives on a proposed light rail in Austin, TX, and increased funding for transit projects in St. Petersburg and Gainesville, FL went down to defeat amid low voter turnout from 18-29 year olds. Overall, it was a mixed night for such measures in cities across the country, and results were similarly ambivalent on the state level.

This equivocal outcome for transportation policy would be of little note on an eventful election night had it not conflicted with the trend documented at the beginning of this article as well as preliminary polling.

Access to multimodal transportation and reliable public infrastructure are priorities for millennials. “More than half (54%) of millennials surveyed say they would consider moving to another city if it had more and better options for getting around,” according to a recent report, “and 66% say that access to high quality transportation is one of the top three criteria they would weigh when deciding where to live.”

FINALLY, Groundbreaking on the Subway to the Sea (or Close to It)

11/07/14 Finally, groundbreaking on the subway to the sea.

Sou Fujimoto’s Awesome Austrian Bus Stop Taken Down

11/07/14 Architect Sou Fujiloto’s bus stop in Austria was just taken down due to safety concerns . . .



How awesome is that? Digging has begun on a 4-mile segment from the existing Wilshire/Western station to Wilshire and La Cienega boulevards in Beverly Hills — to be completed by 2023. The subway will travel under one of L.A.’s most densely populated and highly trafficked corridors. Writes the LA … MORE

Apartment Building Boom in LA Mostly Delivering High-End Rentals

10/20/14 Rents at Ava Little Tokyo start at $1,900.

Curbed LA has been following LA’s rental crisis with stories about low vacancy rates and the booming demand for apartments driving up rentsto terrifying new highs — median income earners here have to spend 47 percent of their … MORE

Number of Available Apartments in LA Has Fallen Rapidly to 3.3%


Curbed LA says the 2014 USC Casden Multifamly Forecast finds that the median rent in LA County shot up to $1,716 in the second quarter of 2014, making for the biggest annual rent increase in four years. What makes that especially shocking is that, in that same period from … MORE

Affordable Housing & Grand Boulevards @ SCANPH’s 26th Housing Conference THURSDAY @JWMarriott


Answering the question of HOW DO WE DO IT? is Move LA ED Denny Zane, Urban Design Center’s Sherri Franklin, and FAST Hilary Norton (Fixing Angelenos Stuck in Traffic). At 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 8.


UCLA: Renters in LA More Financially Stressed Than in Any Other US City


UCLA says LA is the most unaffordable rental market in the US . . . and residents here have a lower median income than in either NYC or in San Francisco. Los Angeles has more renters than either city — about half of all residents rent.The UCLA study says … MORE

Garcetti, Bonin, Seleta Reynolds & Janette Sadik-Khan on Safer Streets


LA Mayor Eric Garcetti has released a strategic plan to turn streets into safer “21st century” public spaces for everyone, with help from LA City Councilmember Mike Bonin, new LADOT chief Seleta Jewel . . . and former NYC Janette Sadik-Khan, credited with turning Times Square into a pedestrian … MORE

LA Times: The Third Street Promenade Turns 25


The rebirth of Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade in 1989 is one of then-Mayor Denny Zane’s many legacies. “The promenade turned Santa Monica into a community with both a beach and a quality urban environment,” Denny tells the LA Times, which notes that it was an “urban planning gamble … MORE