TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) UNIVERSITY

With support from HUD and Enterprise Community Partners, Move LA is working with Reconnecting America and SAJE (Strategic Actions for a Just Economy) on a curriculum consisting of seven workshops on planning for transit-oriented neighborhoods around stations. The curriculum was developed for use by community development corporations and community-based organizations to help residents of neighborhoods around stations become knowledgeable and conversant about the planning and development that is likely to occur as Measure R-funded rail lines are built.

SAJE helps organize neighborhoods for appearances at the LA City Planning Commission and other venues where neighborhood issues are discussed.

Named the “TOD University,” the curriculum will be available in English and Spanish and downloadable from this website — though not until March. There will be PowerPoint presentations on topics including: A TOD “Primer”; a “Planning 101”; a Housing Overview; Housing Preservation, Housing Construction, Economic Development; Complete Streets. In addition to the presentations, which include written narratives, there are directions for group exercises, and pop quizzes to help attendees learn more about the issues and their city.

The Measure R sales tax has provided funding for 11 new rail lines and for the Orange Bus Rapid Transit Line, virtually doubling the size of the fixed-guideway transit system in LA County from 120 miles and 103 stations to 236 miles and 200 stations, perhaps in as short a time frame as 10 years. This provides an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve neighborhoods around stations, but the details matter and neighborhood residents need to be well-versed in the details or the opportunity could be lost!

The TOD University is a product of a partnership of four nonprofit organizations and a federal agency: Reconnecting America is a national nonprofit organization that has been funded by Congress to promote best practices in TOD; SAJE is a community-based organization that works to promote economic democracy, neighborhood integrity and tenants rights; Enterprise Community Partners is a national nonprofit that provides development capital and expertise to create decent, affordable homes; Move LA, is a business, labor, environmental and community coalition promoting increased transit; and HUD is the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.